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The LUX / EROS blog is a journal inspired by the California lifestyle curated by our artist Desanka N. Fasiska

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Desanka Fasiska

The handmade ceramics are really what sets us apart from the rest and are the cornerstone of LUX / EROS. They make every project we work on from the workshops, to the decor At The Lodge, to the dinners and the LUX / Lounge pop-ups something different and special. I really love making ceramics... it's the most freeing art form I have ever worked with. I get to experiment with form, texture and color. I love the way each glazing surprises me. I have been attempting many new things that will soon be offered in the LUX / EROS Shop such as lights, incense burners, and planters. The totems I have made for my garden might be my most favorite project. I hope to be able to make more as well as tile all my hundreds of steps one day!

I hope you enjoy my ceramics too. I would love your feedback here in the blog. Also, FYI  I have been making every attempt (when time permits) to offer a ceramic piece as a take away with with all the workshops.