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The LUX / EROS blog is a journal inspired by the California lifestyle curated by our artist Desanka N. Fasiska


Desanka Fasiska

The Lowes fire pit / succulent planter hack

The Lowes fire pit / succulent planter hack

So I had this old Lowes fire pit lying around after I made the built-in DIY fire pit. I was not sure what to do with it so it sat around for a little while looking pretty sad and neglected. Then divine inspiration stuck! Make it into a cascading succulent planter!  So back to Lowes I went but this time for soil and succulents. One hour later I gave that poor fire pit a new and beautiful life!

Check it out >>


  1. SUPPLIES: One bowl shaped fire pit, some rocks or pebbles, cactus and palm soil, succulents and cacti
  2. STEP 1: Clean the fire pit of any ash debris you can before you begin
  3. STEP 2:  Fill the bottom of the pit with stones for drainage
  4. STEP 3: Fill the pit about 3/4 of the way with a base of soil
  5. STEP 4: Place the variety of plants where you like, I recommend the larger and taller ones in the middle and placing any plant that cascades around the sides
  6. STEP 5:  Fill in around the plants with soil to the rim