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Desanka's monthly inspiration board.



Getting ready for spring! I love the misty mornings in my garden. I've been really inspired by all the little mushrooms growing after the rain we have been finally getting in LA. This spring I want to create a magical world in the Lodge garden with Spirit nests and handmade huts, I'll be creating more ceramics art to decorate the yard (so inspired now that I have my own kiln and ceramic studio!!) You can check out the behind the scenes on my new YouTube Channel LuxTube and get this months DIY's on DO IT LUX!

 Also this month Flower Girl Los Angeles will be hosting a flower crown workshop just in time for festival season and I will be curating the very first LUX / EROS pop-up! 


February! The month of love and new beginnings. This february I am dedicating to my love of California living with a fun CALI / LOVE Do It Lux  and a CALI / LIVING round up of romanic  Southern Cali get-ways. February 4th rings in the year of the sheep which is a symbol of the arts, tranquility and intimacy. I'm looking forward to the creative energy and the opportunity to foster community this year will bring... which is much needed after the chaos of the year of the horse! To ring it in I will be hosting a a "Friendsintine's" dinner party where I will be creating a beautiful and intimate space to connect to my nearest and dearest which will be featured on LUX / DECOR. I'm super excited for the very first hosted dinner of the year with vegan chef legend Scott Winegard who's plating and menus are truly works of art. 


It's the end of 2014... did you accomplish all your goals? Do you finally get to relax after a busy year? Even if you didn't who cares? It's time to relax a little and cozy up with your loved ones. I LOVE IT. I can never wait so I was decorated for the Holidays by the end of November. I need more than just 2 weeks of holiday spirit! Of course I worked in a little copper and gold into the decor around here and even got my metallics into this months DIY. My decorations also include some handmade ceramics that are available to purchase in the LUX / EROS store. On the blog, I'll be featuring a bunch of behind the scenes on all of the things I make for the holidays.  I hope you enjoy! 


My favorite month. We get to unwind with the people who matter most, cook, eat and be totally lazy if one so desires… and I desire! I want cool weather, food and nature. Camping in the fall in California is incredible so I'll be doing that this month as well as doing another road trip up north.  At the Lodge, we are looking forward to hosting an amazing Autumnal harvest with Prism Of Threads Nov. 5th!  And all month long I'll be perfecting my holiday decorating and entertaining as much as possible with my fire place on and the cinnamon & canela on the stove to fill the air with the scent of fall.


In doing my visual research for the October board I went down a rabbit hole of abandoned buildings and theme parks. I'm obsessed. These things are just so hauntingly beautiful and fascinating! So I'm researching a road trip tour of abandoned spaces. This October at The Lodge, Elise Priess will host the Copper WorkshopI'll be road tripping up to the top of California and possibly beyond on CALI / LIVING and there will be plenty of Fall inspiration in preparation for the holidays!


I don't know about you but I can't wait to get cozy and start recovering from all the summer fun. In LA it's been so hot and bright I could use a little cool and dark. So I am inspired by dark walls and cozy interiors and sacred spaces. This month LUX / LODGE will play host to Jo  Abellera of KKIBO's macramé weaving workshop as well as the first of the Puertas Cerradas dinners by Our Open Road… So excited to finally start all the programing at LUX / LODGE my dream!!! Also, I will be continuing my collaboration with Hilary Perez of LOVEBEAN with my eggplant inspiration. They are so beautiful and happen to be in season… enjoy!!


Summer is coming to an end. The end of summer and beginning of fall has always been the most nostalgic time of the year when air becomes electric and the nights in LA get warm and fragrant with the scent of orange blossom and honeysuckle… a sensory memory that I am currently trying to replicate with a small line of LUX / EROS apothecary products.

August's inspiration is all about my nostalgia for the scent of orange blossom. I've been using orange blossom water in just about everything from adding it to my Rose to adding to my baking recipes. My interior and design projects are getting a heavy does of my longing for travel to Africa ( yes the whole continent is getting my attention theses days). This month I am exploring the mixture of lucite with natural materials, the tasteful use of gold in interior design, and of course orange and marigold are heavy hitters in the mix with black and white.


Oh hi there July! You got here pretty quickly... and you know I always say after July 4th, it may as well be Christmas. *sigh* When I bought my house it came with this above ground Doughboy pool that was a pretty big eyesore. But I had a vision of turning it into a japanese soaking tub style oasis. Now that its finally done I am inspired by all the Helmut newton style photo shoots I'm going to have here. This months inspiration is about Japanese colors, textures and landscaping mixed with rope art, turkish towels (my fave), copper, and indigo, hot coral and cream as my version of red, white and blue. I'm also dreaming of having a crab and shellfish bbq this month with my friends to pow pow about what workshops we are going to have at The Lodge (series coming soon!)


This June I am working on a re-brand for LUX / EROS, finishing my pool and working on my outdoor spaces. My favorite colors have always been flashy nudes, peach corals and earth tones. I love to pair these with gold. I am working with this inspiration for the re-brand. For my outdoor spaces I am inspired by the work of my favorite ceramic artist Stan Bitters and traditional courtyards. 


May is a big travel month for me! I will be gone almost the whole month… SF for family, NYC for work and Sayulita Mexico for my dear friend's Olivia Malone and Brendan Donnelly's wedding. Its also Cinco De Mayo of course so I am getting a lot f inspiration from mexico! I am working on my outdoor spaces for summer and looking for the perfect hammock. I've also been so in love with Lee Hun Chung's work for a long time and will be featuring his work on my blog. And lastly, Motherhood. I have been dreaming of becoming a mother. I am so inspired by the beautiful images of mothers I found to honor this day.


This April I have been dreaming of camping. I have always wanted to buy a Westfalia and drive up and down the coast surfing. The ultimate dream would be to to do it like my friends of Our Open Road! Pink has been on my mind as well as texture!

March : Good / LUX

I will never get tired of the Beverly Hills Hotel/ Indochine wallpaper. How classic is Green and white?! its not my go to color, but green is so happy… Loving it to ring in spring!


This Feb I am developing the new LUX / EROS Kimonos that will launch at the end of the Summer 2014. I am also hard at work developing this blog and creating a voice for the LUX / EROS brand. I have been playing around with fabric painting and been inspired by Japanese bondage for the kimonos. As for the brand language and imagery, I am very inspired by my love of California living and culture.

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